I’m a guy who maintains an intriguing balance.  A determined worker-bee…yet one who shys away from strict rules. A design professional during the week…a gardener/horse-waterer and -mucker on the weekends.

I fill my life with travel, eclectic friends and family, animals and laughter. I’ve already forgotten more great experiences than most people even have in a lifetime. I’m experienced, diverse and curious. I avoid pretense in both design and personal style. In fact, so down-to-earth, most of my outfits are actually green and brown.

I love design and consider it to be “the fun side of serious business.” I work hard to uphold that philosophy even when the work might at first seem daunting. My personal mantra has always been: “You’ve got to have input to have output.” It’s a simple formula, often forgotten – or simply ignored – by many in the design field. So at the start of any project, I’m all ears – as well as eyes, fingers and an occasional nose. I listen, watch carefully and ask questions, questions, questions. Anything and everything counts when gathering information…the more input, the better.

Soon the pot starts boiling. As I approach an idea, I’ll start suggesting forms, shapes, materials, textures, text treatments, colors, bits, pieces, odds, ends and even the occasional gumball machine toy – anything that’ll give the idea a form. I’ll wind things up, down and around in every possible shape and combination until the problem is solved and the message is communicated.

If it’s creative, I’ve done it, I do it or I’ll figure out how to do it. My designs might be simple or complex, elegant or corporate, functional or fun. They can be conservative, progressive, high-tech, low tech (sometimes no-tech), splashy, sassy, serious and smart.

To me it’s simple: Design solutions are what I do.


mike hoffman